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Humans vs Zombies – Some Visual Media

Tis the season for some Humans vs Zombies and to kick off what will likely be a good number of HvZ related posts, I thought I’d share some of the visuals that I’ve created these last few games in order to promote the game and create unique ID cards.
Many games use the lovely source website to keep track of players’ status as human or zombie but our campus has always used a pretty basic Excel spread sheet method in order to run our games which means we make our own ID cards which are given out during our rules meetings.

These were the cards we used during our game last semester and were geared more towards the story line being that zombies had just kind of arrived and humans were working to eradicate the infection.

And these were the posters we used. Which seem really boring as just the graphic but finished the looked way neater.


Each one was cut out to shape and hung with one the awesome 10x Darts attached to the center to look like hunting targets.

This semester, we changed the story up and brought back an entity that used to have a really heavy presence in our games, a pharmaceutical company known as Pharmaceuticorp. Pharmaceuticorp first showed up during games about 3 years ago so many of the players have little or no memory about their previous presence in the games. Here were the posters we used:


And the ID cards:


I also made a few extra advertisements from Pharmaceuticorp advertising N-Hance and M-Prove. N-Hance was a vaccine that would have prevented the outbreak had a few folks (our Original Zombies, or Patient Zeros, PZ as we call them) skipped out on the vaccine. M-Prove would later show up as a cure.




Expect to read a lot more about how my campus runs our game of Humans vs Zombies as our two week game begins tomorrow!