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May I Introduce Pip?

This is Pip!

Pip is 29cm (about 11.4in) tall and enjoys hacking things up with her axe.


You see, for creative writing these last two weeks, we’ve been doing some old school table-top roll playing, specifically the Famine in Far-Go module from the first edition of Gamma World which was release back in 1978. Our professor chose this version of the game in part because, of the location, Far-Go, East Dah-Koh-Tah, better known as Fargo, North Dakota which is only a few hours along the interstate to reach from where we live. He also said he chose it because the rules were at their simplest and even with the simplest version of the game, he did take the educational liberties to remove flying and a few certain aspects just to make the game friendlier for a class of students, some familiar with table-top gaming and some not so much.

Unfortunately, as anyone who’s familiar with RPG’s knows that the whole turn-based playing style can take a little while and we weren’t able to get much play in between the three class periods we gave the game, the first of which was almost entirely dedicated to creating our character.

Which brings me to Pip, my character. Right off the bat, I managed to roll some pretty great stats:

Mental Strength – 16

Intelligence – 13

Dexterity – 9

Physical Strength – 18

Charisma – 12

Constitution – 14

The first day, we also had to spend a good deal of time rolling for our characters mutations, which were quick to alter my characters physical demeanor as they included Radar (though handy as it adds +3 damage to my use of physical weapons, which thrown on top of the +4 I get with such high physical strength, gives my character stellar potential with her axe), which alters the look of my ears and causes me to “blip” all the time, and Shorter. This was a stat we rolls for and unfortunately, I rolled for 29…29 centimeters tall. But thankfully once more with my physical strength, my ability to wield normal sized objects isn’t effected.

My mental mutations started out pretty great though. I rolled for Mass Mind which allows me to link minds with other party members and “borrow” their abilities as well as increasing the strength per person linked, and Light Manipulations which would allow me the occasional use of invisibility for three minutes. But the next two mutations were far more, um, defective. Periodic Amnesia and Seizures. Thankfully, I never wound up being affected by these mutations during play but as far as characterization goes, it’s definitely an interesting combination of characteristics.


I won’t prattle on much more about the game as this post would go on forever but I definitely enjoyed it. Probably my favorite homework assignment so far.