HvZ: A Weekend of Information

So this weekend was an interesting one, in part because we really kept the number of missions to a minimum. Our Admin team was only at about 40% with two of them gone for Anime Detour and myself being way too busy with Brighton Beach Memoir performances and striking the set. But we managed to work in two missions which I was very happy to have done because they were missions very based in story.


The two missions were pretty simple in idea. The first, on Saturday afternoon, only had one zombie turn up so it wasn’t too difficult (we unfortunately lose a lot of players over the weekend because people go home) but we did lose a pretty great human player during. We try to utilize more of town then just our 2 block by 4 block campus and took this mission to a park a few blocks away where 5 journal entries written by a Pharmaceuticorp scientist were hidden, had to be gathered, read, and hopefully the humans from there would be able to figure out who the stories real bad guys are.


And if that wasn’t help enough, on Sunday morning, anyone who wanted the details to the last journal entry had to meet us at McDonald’s between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning. It’s been a mission we’ve thrown in most games because usually the Admins end up using it as a meeting but with just myself and one other Admin at the mission, we snacked and waited around with the single human who showed up. Which had me rather impressed but also sort of saddening as she hadn’t been able to make it to the first mission to learn about the first five journal entries, she would have to work doubly hard to figure out who had the other five entries to tie everything together. Thankfully, at 8:58, in walks a second human and one who had been to the Saturday mission. Just under the wire but I let it count.


Today, I actually don’t know what’s going on. I plan to recover big time from the play and strike and not getting to sleep for much of the last few weeks.




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